Seeing Double

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While discussing what to do in art class with a friend, we couldn’t help but want to incorporate double exposure photography into our final pieces. But alas, we had signed up for Art Design, not Art Photography [and the darn school board wouldn’t let us choose both] so we struggled to see how we could mimic the hazy, tumblr-like layers of double exposure photography on a canvas.

Charles Bergquist Double Vision

Then Honestly WTF (a life saver when searching for inspiration) posted the link to this:


oril-jorda-3 oril-jorda-4

Spanish illustrator [and all round artist] Oriol Angrill Jordà perfectly blends graphite, coloured pencils and watercolours to captivate the breathtaking blurry-vivid essence that seeps through double exposure photography in his new series, Blendscapes.

While there’ll be no duplicating these gorgeous pieces in art class, I’d love to learn how Jordà creates all these colourful lines and splotches with such a wide variety of medium.

Seen any cool art? Send me the link!

Much love,

PS- Stay tuned for this weekend’s video! (And don’t forget to check out last week’s one 😉 )


First piece by Charles Bergquist (via his flickr portfolio), all other pieces by Oriol Angrill Jordà (via tumblr and Trendland)

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