Six easy DIY gift wrapping ideas


Tis’ the season to be wrapping tralalalalaaaalalalalaaaa. One of my favourite things to do in December is discovering quirky ideas for gift wrapping. Just look at my Pinterest! Gift wrapping is a work of art.

So here are a few ideas:

1) Bark it up

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 23.11.50

If you are the lazy type but still want your presents to look professional, stay tuned! All you need is inexpensive brown paper, twine, and bark. My bark is from a Kauri tree. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, but hey, my present looked fabulous!

2) Polka Dotty


Cute wrapping paper is hella extremely expensive. This is an inexpensive way to turn plain brown paper into funky wrapping paper. You can use all sorts of different paper, paint, and colours. I used poster paint but acrylic works even better! Many people simply use white dots for a neutral look, but bright colours also look super kawaii.

3) Fabric Wrap (furoshiki)

fabic wrap

Talk about killing five birds with one stone! This idea is affordable, looks great, easy, gives an extra gift, eco-friendly, and did I mention it looks great? The wrapping fabric I used was actually recycled. My friend used it to wrap my birthday present.

4) Washi Box

I abhor wrapping irregular objects because they take so long to wrap, and it never turns out right. This idea is a time saver and will look uniform-and-symmetrical-looking. Just the way we like it.

5) The News

Newspaper is my go to wrapping paper. That’s why I have a towering stack of newspapers in my drawer. My favourite paper has to be The Lush Paper, especially when wrapping Lush products, and The Department Store’s paper.

“Opening Susie’s presents is like opening fish and chips, in a good way” Hi Caitlin if you’re reading this!

3) I Love Candy

This idea is ideal for long objects such as lipstick, pens, chocolate, rolling pins, etc. I wanted to go for the girly hand made look, hence the shabbiness but it looks super nice.

I hope these ideas inspire your gift wrapping endeavours.

Here are a few gift wrapping tips before I bid you adieu:

  1. For a more put-together look, wrap all your presents in the same-style of wrapping. For example, stick to a colour scheme or wrap with the same materials. But be warned, it may look a bit drab.
  2. Use double-sided tape for a cleaner look.
  3. Use washi tape for a handmade look.
  4. Have fun!


Susie .


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