Artist Rave: John Holcroft

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If you haven’t heard of British illustrator John Holcroft by now you have been missing out. I absolutely love how his 1950’s advertisement drawing style strongly juxtaposes with the modern problems our world faces. You can check out his website here. Here are some of the designs I especially loved.  slave

How many items made by slaves do you own?

satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-13This one is a controversial piece. Doctors are reputable for having a very high salary, and sometimes I feel like, in New Zealand at least, that they do not help at all. For example, I went to my GP because I was sick, and I spent $40 to be advised to take some Panadol and rest. $40 for some general knowledge! But I think it is fair that doctors get paid a lot because they work very long hours, and have a $286,000 student loan to pay off.

satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-15 hierarchy satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-7

How many happiness kit items do you own? I own fourteen!

satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-11 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-14 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-1 rootboy

This reminds me of my brother.

passport I would love to know what you think of these illustrations. Leave a comment down below! Susie.


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