The Museum of My 2014


Throughout the year, I throw random tidbits into a box, things I think I might like to look at down the road. Here in this post, I present to you 9 items meticulously curated for your viewing pleasure. These items have been cherished, crumpled, and/or forgotten in my pocket, but each hold a distinct memory, feeling, or importance to the year that has now officially passed us; forming a sort of museum if you will, the museum of my 2014.
I hope you enjoy the small stories I have to share with you! Click any image to begin. 

For more information about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia,
take a gander at this brief BBC article.
To see me with red hair, check out this video.
To see my beautiful friend Ameya, here’s her channel.
For another one of my beautiful childhood friends, click any of the categories above ’cause I share this blog with her 😉

I really do encourage you all to keep a memory box/jar. It may seem silly at first, but a year passes by so quickly, and things that have happened seem decades ago. Looking through receipts, tickets and photos from the past year is such a warm and humbling experience, reminding you how blessed we are to have the experiences we go through and how much we have changed and grown since then!

May 2015 kick even more ass.
Much love, God bless, and Happy New Year!





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