A Lack Of Inspiration

Art & Photography, Life


I’ve ticked everything off of my
“to do list” but it still feels like there’s
stuff left to do. But I don’t know
what. I want to draw, but
what? I want to write, but what?

This, I guess.

Oddly enough, this impromptu illustrative vent of frustration seemed to clear my “artist’s block”! I recently read an artist say that his sketchbook was not really a book at all, as he must draw on big sheets of paper or else drawings often end up warped to fit on the small, confined pages.

Knowing that feeling all too well, I whipped out my sketchpad and put pen to paper in attempt to battle this feeling of helplessness and stupidity regarding my creativity. Realising that I had a forgotten medium to work with- the big blank canvas that is A3 paper- I was inspired to work on many more projects that you will hopefully see soon!

I hope you’re all well and aren’t feeling too un-inspired!
God bless,


[Pssst; what do you do when lacking inspiration?]



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