Top 3 Playlists for Studying & Relaxing

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For me, working hard in the gym calls for dubstep, and working on household tasks needs some pop or electronic beats. The work of the mind, however, needs something different.
Whether I’m writing an essay, drawing the graph of a line, reading a book, or simply relaxing, here are my top three playlists to get me in the mood and in the zone:



Artist radio: Vance Joy
On Vance Joy’s Spotify profile ☞ click (…)  ☞  start artist radio
Featuring the likes of Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men and Vance Joy himself, this “radio station” is full of indie folk vibes that sooth the soul (and make you question whether you’re listening to happy music or sad). These tunes have a bit more body and jam-factor than the next two playlists, but are still light enough to be able to focus with. (I find, for example, that Sam Smith tracks are too dynamic for studying, despite their chill factor).


Deep Focus
This playlist has gotten me through many a cram session. Whether it’s an assessment or just taking notes, these wordless ambient-electronic tracks will keep your mind chugging along, away from distractions.


Evening Acoustic
In the later hours of the night, this playlist will offer you the tunes you need to unwind with a book (whether novel or textbook), with a very cottage-guitar-fireside-esque vibe.

Got a playlist you can’t work and un-work without? Let me know below!

Lots of love & God bless!

(banner image stolen from MusicBed, Vance Joy screengrab from BaebleMusic)


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