The Little Things

Life, Loves

Sometimes, we let lots of “big things” fill up so much our lives, or allow little things to inflate so big that we lose sight and become ignorant of the many little things we are ever so blessed to have. Here are the “little” things I’ve learned to appreciate the most recently, albeit they sit with many other things considered necessities to contemporary human existence and survival not-mentioned-but-still-appreciated.

Friends who can make me laugh, and who I can make laugh too.

It’s a connection not always found, a connection that’s missing when we first meet people, the reason friends are nice to be around, the reason I would occasionally rather not talk to strangers, sometimes the only reason I smile. (ooft deep).

Connection & exposure.

The availability of electronic devices and connection to the internet is something I consider myself very blessed to have. I owe so much of who I am today to the exposure I receive with today’s media- my artistic identity, passion for world issues, and keen bullshit radar to name a few.

My right hand.

no, not in that way, that- that’s gross.

Without my right hand and its ability to draw, paint and express my ideas in an artistic manner, life for me would be much, much more dull. It would suck. A lot. Painting, sketching, crafting and doodling in class has given me sunshine on many rainy days; and if I was stranded on an island a pen and paper would keep me occupied until I died of dehydration.

What are a few “little” things you’re most grateful for?

Much love, God bless, and remember to be thankful ☻

(Banner image stolen from tumblr)


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