5 ways to deal with SCHOOL stress


It is that time of the year when we get bombarded with tests and internals. It also happens to be that time of the year when your Instagram feed is blitzed by whiney teenagers. So, I thought that it was time to share my tips to deal with stress and get work done.

1. Stop. Just stop.

Here’s a tip. STOP complaining about the number of tests or assignments that are due this week and actually do them! Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or grumbling to friends and family, just stop. Whining will only make your pile of work seem like a big unconquerable mountain looming over you. Instead try posting motivational posts and quotes, or talk about something other than schoolwork with friends.

2. Don’t go near your electronic device.

‘Oh I’ll just check my Facebook notifications. It’ll only take a minute…’


The solution to this problem is down below.

A Three step guide to avoid the internet. By Susie Kwon.

1) Turn off device

2) Turn off wifi (Horror of horrors!!!1!!1!)

3) Ask parent to hide laptop, phone, ipad, addicting book series, TV.

I understand it is devastating to part with your baby, even for an hour, but it is something you need to do. You can thank me later :*

You can also check out this app that blocks websites for a specific time period so you can focus on your studies!

3. Make a checklist.


Sit down. Grab a pen and paper. List down everything you need to do from most important to least. Prioritising your workload is the most helpful tip I can give you. When you list everything down, it looks much more manageable and you can tackle each problem one by one.

4. Reward yourself.


Rewarding yourself with small things every time you tick off something your checklist is the best feeling ever! And every time you finish everything on your checklist or hand in an assignment, reward yourself with something BIG. My rule is the bigger the internal/assignment, the bigger the reward!

Small reward ideas:

  • Two scoops of Kapiti chocolate ice cream
  • A bubble bath with a pretty Lush bath bomb. (try out Twilight)
  • An episode of Gossip Girl
  • 5 Youtube videos (Go check out Rochelle and my channel)
  • Three chapters of Harry Potter
  • A yummy dinner
  • 10 minutes of Instagram stalking
  • 20 minute nap

Big reward ideas:

  • Brunch/dinner with friends
  • Calvin Klein underwear
  • A shopping Spree
  • Meadowlark ring
  • Lush haul
  • Mac lipstick
  • 2 drugstore products
  • 3 episodes of Parks and Recreation

5. Ask questions.

Sometimes I get stressed out because I’m not sure when an assignment is due or I’m not sure how to solve a problem. If in doubt, ask it out. A little while ago, I thought asking questions was the scariest thing ever. I didn’t want to be annoying or seem ‘dumb’. But asking questions does not make you annoying (unless you ask 123123124 questions) or make you thick! In fact, the smartest kids in class ask the most questions!

Ask anybody who can help you. Eg: teachers, friends, parents, yourself, me.

All the best for your internals, tests, assignments, externals, and school. Hope this helped and let me know what your strategies for dealing with stress is!



2 thoughts on “5 ways to deal with SCHOOL stress

  1. An awesome and very important post Susie! Never forget that your problems are only ever as big as you choose to make them; and schoolwork, education and learning is an exciting journey that many will never get the opportunity to have, so make the most of it!
    – rochelle


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