Finding the Furniture Foundation for Your Space

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Our environment can greatly affect how we feel and perform our daily tasks. Sometimes our surroundings can feel dull, falling behind our current passions, pursuits and lacking inspiration.
Giving your space- whether that’s your bedroom, study or living room- a revamp to supply good vibes and healthy inspiration is soothing for the soul (well, once it’s done, anyway).


It all starts with a good foundation. Where your furniture is placed determines the accessibility and available uses for that room. For example, my double bed was taking up 50% of my small Singapore apartment bedroom, so getting a smaller bed opened up the space, allowing me to now practice dance and workout in my room, actually encouraging me to exercise. The newfound open-ness of the space also makes my mind feel free-er, like there’s more room to breathe.

Here are three steps to get the foundation of your room just right:

ONE List.


Make a list of all the requirements for your new space. Think about everything that isn’t working, and everything your dream space would have. Even if you don’t think something will be possible, write it down anyway. Once you’ve got a list you’ll be able to figure out which attributes are most important to you and what you must compromise to make it work. My list looked something like…
Musts: space to workout (as you can see above, with my double bed I could barely walk in my room…), good sunlight throughout room (esp. on desks, natural light encourages me to work and sends positive vibes), everything easily accessible (I’m not going to use something if I can’t get to it!).
Wants: bed against window (both have dark metal framework that’ll look very NY-loft-chic together, plus reading will be easier with the sunlight), desks next each other (like one long workspace!), speakers on either side of desk (for even distribution of soundwaves).

IMG_0032 IMG_0034
IMG_0033 IMG_0030

TWO | Measure & Plan.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 9.02.49 pm

My dad and I found it easiest to measure the dimensions of all furniture + the space itself (it’s really much faster and easier than it sounds) and make scaled versions of them on an excel spreadsheet. We could then move every item around to see what fit, keeping my list of musts and wants close by, and we could save different designs we liked.

IMG_0273 IMG_0798

Planning your space will open you up to so many more ideas as nothing is permanent (or requires arduous amounts of physical exertion to move). You can also see whether taking out or putting in furniture is truly necessary (hopefully saving you some money). For example, the fold-out day bed above was the only piece of furniture I ended up buying (with the money we got from selling my old bed). Think about how you can build your space vertically (wall shelving, organisation units under desks, etc; above is a makeshift bookcase that sits above my 2×4 Ikea shelving unit), or if you want to divide your room using a curtain/furniture (e.g. have an artsy corner) to make the most of your space. Look online for inspiration (did someone say Pinterest?) and begin with high ambitions and an open but practical mind!

Note! Remember to be aware of where the power sockets are in your space!

THREE | Move.


Once you’ve come up with the arrangement you like best (which, for me, took a few days as I wanted to make sure I was reeally happy with the arrangement before we started to move things- it helps to go into the room and look at the plan to visualise it), move everything into place. If you have a helper (in this case, my father), this shouldn’t take too long!

IMG_0067 IMG_0121
IMG_0099 IMG_0259

All that’s left to do now is put any clothes, books, etc-that-you-had-to-take-out-to-move-your-furniture back in its place or reorganise and redecorate- two posts that will be coming next! (PS, take this opportunity to throw out, sell and donate the excess possessions you know you have!)


This post has been in the works for a long while- some photos you see in this post were taken in September last year, whereas the last photo just above was taken this afternoon. I think this is pretty good evidence that a space is never fully completed, and will always change as you continue to be inspired by the wonders of the internet and this planet.

Good luck with your search for the perfect furniture foundation! If you have any tips to share, please leave them below 😄

Much love and God bless,



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