Adventure is out there

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You don’t need camel coloured boots nor a flannel shirt to have an adventure that feels like it’s straight out of a Pinterest board: you just need to go! (Although if you’re going below 15°C I recommend at least a light cardigan…)

Living in the small concrete filled island of Singapore as a high school student, I understand the feeling of “BUT ITS ALL SO FAR AWAY AND EXPENSIVE“. However, you’d be surprised what’s out there, in your local area and beyond. A good adventure might not be as far as you first thought!

So, here are some images to inspire you to start looking! (Or, if anything, to try treat this beautiful planet we call home a little bit better 😊)

Click any image to enlarge —

Hike, ski, kayak, swim or simply relax, enjoy and absorb all the breathtaking things this earth can offer us- if we allow her. Everything we make on this planet goes somewhere, and whether that’s the ocean, grass, or a landfill, it’s stuck there. For a long time. A very long time. So minimise your waste & consumption and, big or small, go on an adventure with some friends and some trees 🙌

Much love and God bless,


[For more nuggets of inspiration, check out the Pinterest board I’ve been pinning ’em on (and check out Susie’s boards while you’re there!). For more good vibes, check out the sources! The Cinder Cone, The Mountain Laurel, UltraLinx, Zachary Snellenberger’s FlickrCall It What You Waant, Alex Strohl’s Instagram, 99TravelTips (seriously, these are some hella good vibes.)]


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