Top Stuff: June

Art & Photography, Fashion, Loves

From an awesome primer to an awesome sci-fi-fantasy RPG YouTube series, June brought some great things into my life

and here are ten of them.



A good oversized tee is there for you when you want comfort, style, and comfort.
So much comfort.
Versatile and available at a very good price, this $15 men’s tee has become a beloved closet staple.
To see this shirt in action, make sure you stay tuned over on trf, where some exciting videos styling this shirt are coming your way!



The relaxed fit and light fabric makes these pants appropriate for summer, while the smart colours and striped detail make these pants kick ass in the summer. A perfect crossover of formal and casual, I have gotten so much use out of this pair of wrinkly pants that I almost walked past in store.
It’s grabbing and trying items that you wouldn’t normally pick up that makes shopping far more fun and worthwhile. Occasionally you’ll come across something that you really like, and the fact that it’s different from your existing wardrobe is how your style evolves and becomes more unique.




My last pair of glasses were purchased when I was thirteen. Needless to say, those brown, rectangular frames were feeling a bit dull and out of date.
These Lee Cooper frames make seeing clearly much more fun, adding a quirky, sophisticated touch to plain outfits and everyday life (at only a fraction of the cost that Ray Ban would charge). And yes they make you look smarter.




Since chokers swung back in style around last year, I had steered clear of the trend, just like I had with creepers and those silly “no kink” hairties that are essentially a strip of fabric tied at the ends to make a loop.
Funny enough, now the only shoes I wear that don’t have a flatform are my trainers and flip flops and I use those silly, really comfortable hair ties every single day. These chokers had it coming.




I had the amazing opportunity to go on a visual arts trip to Bali in June (blog post coming soon!) and I was able to create my own item of jewellry. After spending two hours meticulously carving a sun into a silver pendant, I spent the remainder of my time trying to make a simple ring by creating a knot in the wire. The second task was the death of me.
While most people’s artistic weakness is drawing people or painting proportionately, mine is apparently making knots in wire look good. I eventually gave up on my envisioned ring and ended up with a dainty, simple fish that is now one of my favourite jewellery pieces. It’s funny how when things don’t work out as planned, they can get even better.



I try to avoid wearing face make up as much as possible to help drive the knife into the eye of the acne monster, but if I feel like some face coverage and sweat suppression then I’ll either wear this primer under concealer or on its own. I find that it feels light on the skin and really does help even out my skin tone, plus australis is a cruelty free brand so you know you aren’t supporting the unnecessary abuse of animals in the process!
(P.S. this primer is clearly from australis, not beautyuk! Apologies!)




Available from many places in many designs, tote bags are super portable and are great at porting things. e.g. your groceries, new clothes, school books, more tote bags. Plus, at many stores such as Cotton On and Factorie, you support charities by purchasing these reuseable wonders.



TitansGrave Image

I’ve always been a bit “geeky”, but never role-playing-game-watching-in-my-spare-time geeky. Until now.
Titans Grave: The Ashes of Valkana is a new series on the Geek & Sundry channel in which Hank Green, Alison Haislip, Laura Bailey and Yuri Lowenthal go on a fantasy adventure spawned from the mind of Wil Wheaton. It might not be up everyone’s alley, but with lots of laughter, monster killing, gold and parties, this is a very enjoyable and entertaining series that you most certainly don’t have to call yourself a “geek” to watch.




I’ve raved about Orphan Black before, but as season 3 concluded last month I have to rave about it again. A smart, complex series sprinkled with sci-fi, comedy and romance, the incredible writing, directing and acting (+ costuming, special effects-ing, etc) really pays off in this underrated show. I can’t explain what the show is about and give it justice, so lets just say its about clones, but it’s about so much more than clones. The only way to truly appreciate and understand is to watch the show yourself and marvel at how easily you forget that more than four different characters are played by the same actress, and in season three, actor.



4a3ee1d0-c90f-0132-4599-0ebc4eccb42f (2)


Despite what the above gifs may suggest, this movie has a solid plot with unexpected twists and Melissa McCarthy was more than just the source of comedic relief. The absurd, spoof-like moments were balanced by the great cast’s ability to make their characters, no matter how rude or crass, completely believable, unique and likeable. Plus Jude Law still be looking fine at 42.


I hope you have all had an amazing year so far and I apologise in advance if you aren’t seen for a few days because you’re binge watching Orphan Black. (it’s worth it I swear!)

Much love and God bless,



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