Hi there!

We are two girls who spew our passion and ideas into theBLKROOM. Here, we will share our love for art, photography, writing, fashion, travelling, creating, giving and living (+more).

Susie and Rochelle met in primary school, in New Zealand, were separated in the beginning of high school, and now live oceans from each other, united by everything you see on this blog today.

We invite you to join us as we dance through life and attempt, in all areas, to spread love and be our best selves.

To learn more about Susie or Rochelle, click a name!

We post every single week, but for more content from us check us out on our individual YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest accounts- YouTube links in menu ☝, the rest at the very bottom of our blog ☟
While you’re down there, be sure to click the ✚ and check out our best posts, search for anything you like, or put down your email so you’ll know when we post something new!

✌, love and God bless,


                  susie.     +  ⊗rochelle


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