Meet Rochelle

Name: Rochelle
Age: 16
I’m From: New Zealand, but my parents are Malaysian-Chinese
I Can Speak: English et un petit peu de Français (j’apprends le Français à l’école)
Favourite Places: anywhere with good friends, my room, the great outdoors, a dance studio (or a hall/warehouse with a good floor), Auckland because my darling childhood homies are there
I’d Like to Visit: Macchu Picchu, France, Iceland (!!), the deep sea, places I don’t know of right now!
I wish I could meet: ahh so many people! John & Hank Green, Rhett & Link, Bill Gates, Jerzy Grotowski, my late grandparents…

Loves: God, family- blood or otherwise, tattoos, art, theatre, dance, music, intelligent conversations, good people with good passions, and Orphan Black. and OINTB.
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: hazelnut, mint chocolate, and good ol’ chocolate chip
Favourite Clothing Article: This is a tough one. If we’re talking strictly clothing, my $5 Cotton On oversized tee with Macaulay Culkin on it is definitely up there. If we’re branching out to shoes as well, my slip on sandals from Rubi are a perfect balance of cute, quirky, and kind of ugly. Plus they were on sale!
Dream Superpower: Telekinesis! I would say teleportation as well, but mm gurl would be looking tubby in that unitard
Things I Nerd out Over: Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, OINTB, movie/ tv shows in general (plot holes, exposition, discontinuation, acting, costuming, etc), world and social history, humanitarian issues, psychology, biology, the environment (sustainability)…

If I Won 1 Million Dollars: be prepared this goin’ get real deep.
I’d keep a portion for my family, a portion for my personal projects and future endeavours (buying a big warehouse to convert into a creative studio would ROCK, or at least a loft-style unit), and over the years I hope I’d distribute the rest to good charities via donations and ideally by working with charities to raise more money and go out to meet these people who are humans just like us yet live such a different life. We have all the resources necessary to eradicate poverty, so we are we allowing it to continue to exist?

Hopes for the Future: to use my artistic passions to make the moola and use it to spread love, light and happiness across the globe, whether in a third world country or first.
Hopes for theBLKROOM: to be a platform for you, Susie & I to discuss and share anything that makes us feel something, as well as to document Susie and I’s journey to become better creators, live a better lifestyle, and be better human beings- and hopefully to inspire you to take charge in that journey as well!


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