Finding the Furniture Foundation for Your Space

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Our environment can greatly affect how we feel and perform our daily tasks. Sometimes our surroundings can feel dull, falling behind our current passions, pursuits and lacking inspiration.
Giving your space- whether that’s your bedroom, study or living room- a revamp to supply good vibes and healthy inspiration is soothing for the soul (well, once it’s done, anyway).


It all starts with a good foundation. Where your furniture is placed determines the accessibility and available uses for that room. For example, my double bed was taking up 50% of my small Singapore apartment bedroom, so getting a smaller bed opened up the space, allowing me to now practice dance and workout in my room, actually encouraging me to exercise. The newfound open-ness of the space also makes my mind feel free-er, like there’s more room to breathe.

Here are three steps to get the foundation of your room just right:


Six easy DIY gift wrapping ideas


Tis’ the season to be wrapping tralalalalaaaalalalalaaaa. One of my favourite things to do in December is discovering quirky ideas for gift wrapping. Just look at my Pinterest! Gift wrapping is a work of art.

How to be a Zombie.



Step 1: Survive the global apocalypse of the planet Earth

Step 2: Find a zombie (that shouldn’t be difficult)

Step 3: Get bitten by said zombie

Note: if living in the pre-apocalyptic era, simply follow this tutorial for similar results- minus the living-dead part.

Happy Halloween!

x Rochelle


DIY, Fashion


This spring we’ve been seeing the traditional florals in cooler, resort-style shades as well as black and white colour-blocking and geometric prints. Sooo, I came up with a fairly simple nail design inspired by this spring’s trends.

If you don’t have a striper brush or dotting tool, watch the linked cutepolish videos for a full DIY tutorial!

Much love & happy painting ☻

– Fush ☀


DIY Boho/Tribal Headchains 3 Ways

DIY, Fashion

Summer is here for the southern hemisphere, meaning we can ditch the beanies for some floppy hats and head chains.


Plain Headchain
Simple & easily made and styled

You will need:

Dream Catcher Nails


In the end I took off the microbeads placed just above the feathers, having just one in the centre of the ‘web’ looks nicer in my opinion. (:

Have fun with this tutorial! Use whatever colours you want when ombre-ing, if using darker colours, skip the ‘fading’ [with white polish] step and instead paint your dream catcher with white polish.

If you think it would be a bit challenging to paint the dream catcher, or if you want a more dainty and delicate result, use acryllic paint instead of nail polish.

Much love,