Top Stuff: June

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From an awesome primer to an awesome sci-fi-fantasy RPG YouTube series, June brought some great things into my life

and here are ten of them.



A good oversized tee is there for you when you want comfort, style, and comfort.
So much comfort.
Versatile and available at a very good price, this $15 men’s tee has become a beloved closet staple.
To see this shirt in action, make sure you stay tuned over on trf, where some exciting videos styling this shirt are coming your way!



The relaxed fit and light fabric makes these pants appropriate for summer, while the smart colours and striped detail make these pants kick ass in the summer. A perfect crossover of formal and casual, I have gotten so much use out of this pair of wrinkly pants that I almost walked past in store.
It’s grabbing and trying items that you wouldn’t normally pick up that makes shopping far more fun and worthwhile. Occasionally you’ll come across something that you really like, and the fact that it’s different from your existing wardrobe is how your style evolves and becomes more unique.



My Everyday Makeup Routine


Here is my everyday makeup routine. I don’t wear makeup everyday unless I have extra time in the morning, because I don’t think it is necessary for school. However, I wear this makeup look everyday in the holidays and weekends.

Honest first impressions on Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and Watt’s up highlighter


I recently picked up Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and Watt’s up highlighter from the Benefit counter from Smith and Caugheys.

Here is a little summary of my thoughts…

The Definition of Beauty (A Reverse Poem)

Art & Photography, Fashion
She was fat.
Nobody ever said
She was the definition of beauty.
That is wrong, the truth is
Skipping breakfast is the key to a boy’s heart
Believing that
plump legs and meat on bones is beautiful
Is an old wive’s tale. And we know
Gaps between thighs and paper thin stomachs
Is the way to success.
Eating carbs and greens
Is a dumb thing to do.
Detox teas and fat extracting surgeries
Is how we achieve our goal.
Loving every girl, boy, shape, and figure
Is something we never do.
Spraying bullets of insults aimed to kill
Is how we feel better.
Eating and sleeping and exercising
Is for fools.
We know that
people think we all look the same.
That might be true.
Unless we turn the tables
(Read from bottom to top now)

Summer Lookbook 2015


Top Stuff: December

Fashion, Loves

Some things are just better than others. I found some of those things during the month of December. From slip on shoes to DanAndPhilGames, here they are- in stop motion.

Much love & God bless,
x rochelle

(Pssst; what’s something you found to be particularly above average during the month of December? Also, did you see something you’d like to try?)

2014, Meet 2015


Let’s bring 2014 to a close and get pumped for the year that is yet to be by celebrating the trends this past year has brought us!
Whether it’s a family dinner or a Saturday morning brunch, a New Year’s party or a birthday celebration, this lookbook has gotcha covered.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas / holiday and may you party responsibly!
x rochelle