Cactus and Other Plant Collages!

Art & Photography

I love collages. I love plants.

So here are a few of my collages of plants.

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Top Stuff: June

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From an awesome primer to an awesome sci-fi-fantasy RPG YouTube series, June brought some great things into my life

and here are ten of them.



A good oversized tee is there for you when you want comfort, style, and comfort.
So much comfort.
Versatile and available at a very good price, this $15 men’s tee has become a beloved closet staple.
To see this shirt in action, make sure you stay tuned over on trf, where some exciting videos styling this shirt are coming your way!



The relaxed fit and light fabric makes these pants appropriate for summer, while the smart colours and striped detail make these pants kick ass in the summer. A perfect crossover of formal and casual, I have gotten so much use out of this pair of wrinkly pants that I almost walked past in store.
It’s grabbing and trying items that you wouldn’t normally pick up that makes shopping far more fun and worthwhile. Occasionally you’ll come across something that you really like, and the fact that it’s different from your existing wardrobe is how your style evolves and becomes more unique.


Alpine Season

Art & Photography

Back in 2013, HonestlyWTF introduced me to the concept of double exposure photography, via the incredible works of Oriol Angrill Jordà. In Jordà’s series blendscapes, he combines watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencil and graphite to create mesmerizing portraits that perfectly mimic the style photography. Recently, I revisited Jordà’s work to use as inspiration for my visual arts class at school, inspiring this piece along the way:


  Although the final piece simply does not compare to Jordà’s masterful combination of hyper realistic sketches and perfectly placed paint (goals, amirite), experimenting with different media offers a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with a medium, experiment with techniques, and figure out what you can do to tie different components together into one visually appealing image.

Adventure is out there

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You don’t need camel coloured boots nor a flannel shirt to have an adventure that feels like it’s straight out of a Pinterest board: you just need to go! (Although if you’re going below 15°C I recommend at least a light cardigan…)

Living in the small concrete filled island of Singapore as a high school student, I understand the feeling of “BUT ITS ALL SO FAR AWAY AND EXPENSIVE“. However, you’d be surprised what’s out there, in your local area and beyond. A good adventure might not be as far as you first thought!

So, here are some images to inspire you to start looking! (Or, if anything, to try treat this beautiful planet we call home a little bit better 😊)

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My Everyday Makeup Routine


Here is my everyday makeup routine. I don’t wear makeup everyday unless I have extra time in the morning, because I don’t think it is necessary for school. However, I wear this makeup look everyday in the holidays and weekends.

Ultimate guide: Job hunting for TEENS


As a teenager it’s extremely hard to get a good job especially when you have no experience and most employers have a negative preconception of teens. Here is a quick guide to finding a good part time job!

What are your interests?

If you want to find a job you like, you should find out what you like. Are you interested in fashion, baking, beauty, books? After you have an idea of what your passions are, try list down some stores that you’d like to work at. I know that Lush, Glassons, and McDonald’s hire teens with no or little experience.

Ask Around

Next time you’re in a store, don’t be afraid to say hello and ask; ‘are there any job openings?’ or ‘how do a apply for a job?’ at the counter. Most employees are super helpful and will let you know if they are hiring or give you tips on creating an eye-catching CV.

You can also ask your friends and family if they know of any places that are hiring.

Whip up a CV and Cover Letter

Your CV and cover letter should be short and sweet. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Your CV should be eye-catching and neat.

Your CV should include…

  • Courses you have completed (Basic first aid course, barrista course)
  • Language(s) you speak
  • Important skills that could relate to the job (Can drive a manual car, photoshop)
  • Hobbies
  • Contact details
  • Any awards (Silver Duke of Edinburgh)
  • Previous jobs whether they are small or big. Only include the most recent jobs! (Volunteered at childcare, babysitting)

Here is a helpful CV and cover letter template

Here is a cool resume template

Go hand in your CV!

When you hand in your CV make sure you have a wide smile on your face. Don’t just hand it in and run away, or else it will go straight in the bin. Make sure you chat with the person behind the counter and show them that you are really cool and confident. Even if you’re not. You have to show your potential employer that you are better than everybody else who have applied for your job who may be older and more experienced than you.

Okay, now what?

Wait. If you haven’t heard from anybody regarding a job in more than three weeks, chances are you didn’t get the job. BUT THAT’S OKAY.

You can apply again when they need more employees such as Christmas time.

You can also start from the bottom and work to the top. Gain some experience. I know it may seem dull, but it will all be worth it!

Good Luck! I hope this helped.


Minimalist’s journal: drawer by drawer


Being a minimalist is hard work. I’ve realised this year that you can’t just wake up and become a minimalist, but it’s a rather long process of changing your lifestyle and habits.

I’ve decided that I must ease into my minimalistic lifestyle ever so slowly. Step by step. Drawer by drawer. I mean, what’s the rush?

So here is my first drawer that I have ‘minimalized’. It’s the top drawer of my desk where I kept a lot of post-it notes, broken rulers, and discarded pens. Now I just keep the necessities.