Christmas Eve in Singapore

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Last night my family and I spent Christmas Eve in Gardens by the Bay, a 101 hectare park that laces together concrete, glass, lights and greenery. Not quite the kiwi Christmas in the Park, but a outdoor-people-packed event all the same.

though every bloody event in Singapore is people-packed isn’t it.

The 30 degree air was filled with light showers, city lights and chatter; French, Mandarin, Malay, English, all weaving together to form an indistinguishable hum. Our tables were filled with hot satays, chicken wings, fried rice and fresh coconuts. And my eyes were filled with these lovely sights:



My Christmas Playlist


Christmas ain’t just for carols. The jazzy, old school folk vibes of She & Him will put you in a soulful Christmas spirit; the perfect music to sit back and relax with. Zooey Deschanel’s voice is darn heavenly and M. Ward’s vocal and instrumental talents are the perfect compliment. Here’s the duo’s newest album, Classics:



For more festive tunes, check out their Christmas album, A Very She & Him Christmas.

Have yourselves very happy holidays, folks. 🙂
God bless,

⊗ rochelle