Can I Sleep Pls?

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Third week into school (IB DP y u do) and I promised myself I wouldn’t complain, but…


instead of working, can I sleep pls?

that’ll be great

As evident in the rather creepy nature of the drawing, as well as few ill-placed lines, scary little alien arms and incorrect grammar (that would, not that will), this was an impromptu drawing done straight-to-page with a black gel-ink ballpoint.
I had the image of someone pulling down the skin under their eyes (I was in quite a state of teen angst) and just ran with it. The end result is something quite obscure, slightly disturbing and a bit unfinished, but I thought I would share it with you all nonetheless.

Enjoy (?) and I hope you are all releasing the contempt you feel towards work/school in a constructive way and remember to appreciate and be grateful for the education and opportunities that you have! This is something I need to keep reminding myself of before I allow myself to become consumed and overwhelmed with over-dramatised first world problems [as seen ironically illustrated below. Note the unfinished assessment notes in the background].



Art & Photography


For some reason I brought my sketchbook and fineliners to church on Sunday, but not my house keys.
So, I spent service and the half hour I was locked out of my house (fortunately my ancient apartment complex has a restaurant- that sells coconuts!) inking up this thang.