The Definition of Beauty (A Reverse Poem)

Art & Photography, Fashion
She was fat.
Nobody ever said
She was the definition of beauty.
That is wrong, the truth is
Skipping breakfast is the key to a boy’s heart
Believing that
plump legs and meat on bones is beautiful
Is an old wive’s tale.¬†And we know
Gaps between thighs and paper thin stomachs
Is the way to success.
Eating carbs and greens
Is a dumb thing to do.
Detox teas and fat extracting surgeries
Is how we achieve our goal.
Loving every girl, boy, shape, and figure
Is something we never do.
Spraying bullets of insults aimed to kill
Is how we feel better.
Eating and sleeping and exercising
Is for fools.
We know that
people think we all look the same.
That might be true.
Unless we turn the tables
(Read from bottom to top now)