Alpine Season

Art & Photography

Back in 2013, HonestlyWTF introduced me to the concept of double exposure photography, via the incredible works of Oriol Angrill Jordà. In Jordà’s series blendscapes, he combines watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencil and graphite to create mesmerizing portraits that perfectly mimic the style photography. Recently, I revisited Jordà’s work to use as inspiration for my visual arts class at school, inspiring this piece along the way:


  Although the final piece simply does not compare to Jordà’s masterful combination of hyper realistic sketches and perfectly placed paint (goals, amirite), experimenting with different media offers a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with a medium, experiment with techniques, and figure out what you can do to tie different components together into one visually appealing image.


Can I Sleep Pls?

Art & Photography, Life

Third week into school (IB DP y u do) and I promised myself I wouldn’t complain, but…


instead of working, can I sleep pls?

that’ll be great

As evident in the rather creepy nature of the drawing, as well as few ill-placed lines, scary little alien arms and incorrect grammar (that would, not that will), this was an impromptu drawing done straight-to-page with a black gel-ink ballpoint.
I had the image of someone pulling down the skin under their eyes (I was in quite a state of teen angst) and just ran with it. The end result is something quite obscure, slightly disturbing and a bit unfinished, but I thought I would share it with you all nonetheless.

Enjoy (?) and I hope you are all releasing the contempt you feel towards work/school in a constructive way and remember to appreciate and be grateful for the education and opportunities that you have! This is something I need to keep reminding myself of before I allow myself to become consumed and overwhelmed with over-dramatised first world problems [as seen ironically illustrated below. Note the unfinished assessment notes in the background].

A Lack Of Inspiration

Art & Photography, Life


I’ve ticked everything off of my
“to do list” but it still feels like there’s
stuff left to do. But I don’t know
what. I want to draw, but
what? I want to write, but what?

This, I guess.

Oddly enough, this impromptu illustrative vent of frustration seemed to clear my “artist’s block”! I recently read an artist say that his sketchbook was not really a book at all, as he must draw on big sheets of paper or else drawings often end up warped to fit on the small, confined pages.