Top Stuff: June

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From an awesome primer to an awesome sci-fi-fantasy RPG YouTube series, June brought some great things into my life

and here are ten of them.



A good oversized tee is there for you when you want comfort, style, and comfort.
So much comfort.
Versatile and available at a very good price, this $15 men’s tee has become a beloved closet staple.
To see this shirt in action, make sure you stay tuned over on trf, where some exciting videos styling this shirt are coming your way!



The relaxed fit and light fabric makes these pants appropriate for summer, while the smart colours and striped detail make these pants kick ass in the summer. A perfect crossover of formal and casual, I have gotten so much use out of this pair of wrinkly pants that I almost walked past in store.
It’s grabbing and trying items that you wouldn’t normally pick up that makes shopping far more fun and worthwhile. Occasionally you’ll come across something that you really like, and the fact that it’s different from your existing wardrobe is how your style evolves and becomes more unique.



The Museum of My 2014


Throughout the year, I throw random tidbits into a box, things I think I might like to look at down the road. Here in this post, I present to you 9 items meticulously curated for your viewing pleasure. These items have been cherished, crumpled, and/or forgotten in my pocket, but each hold a distinct memory, feeling, or importance to the year that has now officially passed us; forming a sort of museum if you will, the museum of my 2014.
I hope you enjoy the small stories I have to share with you! Click any image to begin. 

2014, Meet 2015


Let’s bring 2014 to a close and get pumped for the year that is yet to be by celebrating the trends this past year has brought us!
Whether it’s a family dinner or a Saturday morning brunch, a New Year’s party or a birthday celebration, this lookbook has gotcha covered.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas / holiday and may you party responsibly!
x rochelle

Christmas Eve in Singapore

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Last night my family and I spent Christmas Eve in Gardens by the Bay, a 101 hectare park that laces together concrete, glass, lights and greenery. Not quite the kiwi Christmas in the Park, but a outdoor-people-packed event all the same.

though every bloody event in Singapore is people-packed isn’t it.

The 30 degree air was filled with light showers, city lights and chatter; French, Mandarin, Malay, English, all weaving together to form an indistinguishable hum. Our tables were filled with hot satays, chicken wings, fried rice and fresh coconuts. And my eyes were filled with these lovely sights:


Seeing Double

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While discussing what to do in art class with a friend, we couldn’t help but want to incorporate double exposure photography into our final pieces. But alas, we had signed up for Art Design, not Art Photography [and the darn school board wouldn’t let us choose both] so we struggled to see how we could mimic the hazy, tumblr-like layers of double exposure photography on a canvas.

Charles Bergquist Double Vision

Then Honestly WTF (a life saver when searching for inspiration) posted the link to this: