Small Youtuber Tag


It’s a tag not many people know about. It’s a tag for small youtubers!

I think this tag is brilliant and it makes us, under-appreciated small youtubers, feel special. I had a blast filming this tag, and hope you give it a shot too. Whip out this tag on a rainy day when you have no video inspiration!



Art & Photography

I went to Dubai.
Here’s what I saw.

x Rochelle


DIY, Fashion


This spring we’ve been seeing the traditional florals in cooler, resort-style shades as well as black and white colour-blocking and geometric prints. Sooo, I came up with a fairly simple nail design inspired by this spring’s trends.

If you don’t have a striper brush or dotting tool, watch the linked cutepolish videos for a full DIY tutorial!

Much love & happy painting ☻

– Fush ☀